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Nottingham Wine Bar Oases

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

There are an enormous amount of places to get a glass of wine in Nottingham city centre. Unfortunately, the list of venues that serve great wine is limited to a relative handful.

My favourite haunt for a really good glass of wine is Delilah Fine Foods on Victoria Street. Situated in Nottingham city centre, just two minutes walk from the magnificent Council House which overlooks an enormous public square.

Delilah's describe themselves as "fiercely" independent, something that I believe allows them the scope to stock a very large and eclectic range of drinks. Wine is offered either by the glass, with a very interesting and regularly changing choice, or by the bottle. They also boast an excellent range of hard to find wines at pretty good prices too. What really rocks my boat though, is that they offer the opportunity of buying from the shelf and for a small corkage fee you can drink it on the premises with or without some of their delicious food.

A range of seating is available, and you can while away some time at one of their street side tables, continental style. Great for people watching, plus stools at the bar, cosy little tables dotted around the ground floor and a super upper floor which overlooks the quietly efficient action going on down below. The sounds of happy people chatting away without the distraction of "mood" music.

The delicatessen occupies an old banking hall which still exudes the glamour that banks used to have. A glamour that has long gone from banking now but readily taken up by great businesses such as Delilah's. All cornices and high ceilings, yet still has a cosy feel.

The staff are knowledgeable and very efficient, plus you can linger for as long as you care.

Evenings are reserved for special events, including their own wine tastings. If you can't get to the venue, why not join them on Zoom with a case of wine and food sent to your home.

Delilah's also host pop-ups that showcase local talent. Recently highlighting the talents of Ryon Ishfaq and his take on beer and pizza with Slice n Brew.

Delilah's has only one drawback, they normally close at 5pm during the week and 4pm on Sundays. But, what a place for a late breakfast or leisurely lunch. Anyone feeling peckish and thirsty?

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