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Nottingham Rowing Club

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Nottingham Rowing Club hosts NRC Wine Tastings. The club is an evolution of two previous neighbouring clubs that joined forces in an effort to forge a new dynamic in East Midlands rowing circles. The club has been incredibly successful since its formation, not only locally, but also across the country and internationally as well.

The club house is over 100 years old and is a very traditional style of boat house overlooking the River Trent in Nottingham. Being adjacent to Nottingham Forest Football Club, the club is easy to find. With two rooms to choose from to host wine tastings. The venues can either be cosy and quietly informal through to a setting that can comfortably accommodate 100 people.

Having hosted countless successful wine tastings over the years, NRC Wine Tastings is constantly looking to be innovative. Tastings have included the old favourite "New World versus Old World", but also more eclectic wine tastings such as "Wines of The Mediterranean Islands", "Austro/Hungarian Wines", "The Wines of Greece", "Wines of Bandol" and "Antipodean Wines".

NRC Wine Tastings endeavour to open up a whole new, and unexplored world of wines that have not been tried before, whilst concentrating on the key tasting elements of the eyes, nose and mouth. This method of tasting is further enhanced by the provision of foods that compliment the wines and show how they both change and become better together.

As NRC Wine Tastings has no affiliation with any suppliers, all the wines showcased are truly independently sourced to help provide maximum pleasure.

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